#2.231 – Together

#2.231 - Together
#2.231 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Ystad, Sweden

“You know what I fear, darling?”
“What, jaan?”
“Not being here with you.”
“Oh love, I know.”
“Don’t say it.”
“.. at some point ..”
“.. we’ll have to .. “
“I can’t hear you!”
“.. get up, gear up, and move on.”
“Damn. Someone’s calling. Think we’ll make it another day?”
“Yes. As long as we don’t linger.”
“Let them find us. I want to stay in your arms.”
“Have we come up on the news yet?”
“Not yet, today.”
“Just over the mountains, that’s all we need to do.”
“Can we do it?”
“I know we’ll make it.”

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