#2.230 – Room 101

#2.230 - Room 101
#2.230 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: West Lake Hills, Texas, USA

“An empty restaurant with just one table and my mother on it, and I have to eat alone with her without my phone or anyone else there to distract me.” 

In the audience of last night’s Greg Proop’s podcast from the Soho Theatre in London, he asked a woman what was in her “Room 101” after she’d asked him that question. This was her reply. Whilst I don’t share quite that same feeling, it was one that struck me as being remarkably honest and self-aware, and I can relate it to many other things in life.
I picture the interior of the tower at the end of “Brazil”, a lone table in the middle, a woman with grey hair smiling, and walking slowly towards it her daughter, dread in every step.

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