#2.232 – Summer Solstice

#2.232 - Summer Solstice
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sent from: London, UK, destination: San Francisco, California, USA

We have arrived at Solstice. The start of summer, though confusingly called midsummer as well. I stood on a beach once in Northern California while a man performed aerobics on a rock in worship of the setting sun, all new-age energy. The rationalist in me wanted to pour scorn on this man’s actions, although it is no less ridiculous than the insistence that on my Saint’s Day at this time of year, I should go out during the night in the hunt for four-leafed clovers to assure myself luck in the coming year. New traditions grafted onto old ones, which cover even older ones. These days, when the Earth is at its midpoint of yet another circuit around the Sun, are worth marking somehow and is standing on a rock arms outstretched so bad? Maybe he already went through all the traditions in his life and found the belief systems wanting, so here he was on the edge of a continent, grasping at the sun, hoping to catch it before it set.

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  1. Great postcard – you're sending me on kick about how by-definition everyone's faith is personal. I think that our days can be so filled with the “busy” – the day's must dos , or things to prepare for tomorrow, and even all those tasks that had a hard deadlines of yesterday and are still not done. So if you happen to pick the day of the year where the delta-daily-sun-time changes slope to pause and reflect and take a bigger view of life and our place in it, then more power to you. I think you can have equally profound spiritual days any day of the year, but that's just a function of the observer stepping back and noticing things. 🙂

    In any case I hope you're getting a lot of sunlight. Love the postcard for so many levels. 🙂

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