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#3.132 - Publishing Postcardwala
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sent from: London, UK. destination: Wellingon, New Zealand

One of the questions I’m asked about Postcardwala (and that I often ask myself) is where is the project going? Will there be an end-point? As I’ve become busier in recent months it’s been hard to stick to the one-card-a-day goal that I initially set for myself. I have plans for a v2.0 of the project, but need to clear some space to do it.
I have wanted to have an exhibition and as part of it a book of the cards, but I’ve repeatedly run into the issue of copyright and ownership of the images of the cards. As a photographer and image-maker, it’s something I’m very sensitive to. I do not own the rights to reproduce the images seen on the front and back of the cards, and obtaining those rights is time-consuming to the point of absurdity. I’ve thought about making my own cards, settling the issue altogether, but part of the joy I believe is the found art transformed aspect of the project.
I could, I suppose, request cards from the owners, with the understanding that they will be published, much as the makers of this postcard book did that I found – but their intentions are different.
So, back to the scribbling. As a friend says “it simmers away, bubbling gently and waiting for passers by to discover it.”

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