#2.65 – Industrial Light and Magic Kingdom

#2.65 - Industrial Light and Magic Kingdom
#2.65 - back
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The giant movie/nerd news today was, of course, the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney. This was no surprise; when we worked on the prequels George turned 60, and soon after ILM moved to the Presidio along with several other Lucas companies. It made sense that he would have a retirement plan to sell Lucasfilm. What did surprise me was the timing of a new Star Wars film – 2015. To hit that they would need to have a very active pre-production unit working on it already, but from what I hear this may well be the case. As for ILM, as important to film history as it is, it is not the valuable part; that lies in the IP of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Howard the Duck.. oh, nevermind that last one.
Would I watch new SW films? Most likely yes. They stand a chance of being better than the prequels, without George’s directorial involvement, but I suspect I will feel about them I do JJ Abram’s Star Trek; it’s alright, but aint the Star Trek I remember. But that’s ok, as George said it’s time to move on. I started out a fan, became a professional, and now I’m something else. I wanted to be Luke the rebel pilot, stepping up to the challenge, realising a bigger destiny. Instead, I find myself still on Tatooine, looking at the twin setting suns, wondering what tomorrow may bring.

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