#2.66 – President Obama distracted by news of Star Wars VII like the rest of us

#2.66 - President Obama Makes A Surprise Announcement
#2.66 - back
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President Obama apologised yesterday for the last minute cancellation of scheduled campaign appearances. Speaking from Air Force One, he said, “Listen, I know we all have a lot of work to do, but after the announcement of new Star Wars films in the next few years, I, like many of you, was distracted from my duties thinking about new storylines. In college I wrote a spec script based around the adventures of Mara Jade, now I have the perfect excuse to send it to Lucasfilm.” He went on to mention he had started re-reading Heir To The Empire, and hoped to see the events and characters in the Expanded Universe told on the big screen. “I want them to think outside the box in terms of directors – how ’bout the guy who made ‘Monsters’? Or ‘Attack the Block’? Man that would be great.” He concluded by wondering if he could slip an item called simply “Dark Force Rising?” onto the agenda of his meeting with the Democratic National Committee.

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