#365 – for Pat Ingoldsby

Pat Ingoldsby is a poet who sells his book on the streets of Dublin. I had feared he wasn’t doing it anymore but his website suggests that he’s still going strong. Finding him can sometimes be a challenge, on my one and only trip to Dublin after days of walking the streets I had just about given up. It was at that moment, of course, that I found him and we had a lovely chat. You should look for him too. His poems are beautiful, simple and heartbreaking. 
Half a hug is all I can give you. 
– Pat Ingoldsby
#365 - Pat Ingoldsby
#365 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Dublin, Ireland

We met on the streets of Dublin a few years back, though I had met you in your books already. I bought as many of your books as I could carry; new ones for me, old ones for a friend. You nearly cost me an excess baggage fee on the plane. Those books went to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles, then India, then Singapore, and New Zealand. You’re all over the place, do you know that? I like to write, I write postcards every day and I send them out to people I know, people I like, people I don’t know but like, people I know but I don’t like. I also put them on the internet. I hope you’re doing well. I hope we’ll bump into each other again someday, and that I’ll come home with another armful of books.
Take care.

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