#364 – Olympics Opening Ceremony

M and I started a thread on facebook, a drinking game, as we watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony, to take a swig when there was a country you didn’t recognise, or didn’t think would have an Olympic team. As time went on, other people joined and we punned on countries’ names, talked about the on-screen action, seeing who could come up with the fastest, wittiest comeback.
I enjoy that we had a thread of mostly terrible puns, a joke about the Euro crisis in the middle of it, and ending with a shit joke. Job done.
#364 - Olympics Opening Ceremony
#364 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Weybridge, Surrey, UK

Extracts from our live commentary of the Olympics opening ceremony

I don’t Belize it.
Blame it on Bah-rain.
Comoros Eileen … glugg.
Shake Djibouti.
Those Egyptians don’t look like the ones at the British Museum.
I couldn’t walk the other day, but after I shook out my shoes I found it was just Estonia.
I wonder if the Italians, Spanish and Greek athletes keep pestering the German team for change at the vending machine.
“Micronesia? Is that the younger brother of Amnesia?”
“I spilled something on the floor. Go Nicaragua”.
“Where’s the statue? Did you Pakistan?”
I Rwanda as I Rwanda.
I’d like Samoa.
Singapore of Six Pence.
“How did it happen?” “All of a Sudan”.
Tobago or not Tobago.
Don’t Ukraine your neck.
Ven there is a will there’s a Venezuela.
I’m going to have an Olympic Movement after the ceremony is done.

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  1. Hey. ….Juan ….you have almost completed a year of the postcard project :-)….congratulations on a great job.

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