#366 – People Make VFX

This being a leap year, I wrote 366 cards instead of 365. One of the best Lost Consonants, also.

#366 - People make VFX
#366 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: San Rafael, California, USA

From the BA inflight magazine:

WRATH OF THE TITANS.. The mythical beasts, such as the cyclops and six-armed makhai, started out as a series of maquettes. After the final look was agreed on, computers then took over to produce moving, breathing characters. The 1,500 ft tall Titan Kronos was a particular technological triumph – the lava it hurls consists of more than 200 million digital particles.

I don’t even know where to start, but this exemplifies why I have utter disdain for movie journalists and writers today, especially where VFX are concerned. Maybe they were trying to evoke gee-whiz wonder, but if the army of VFX artists ever rise up to demand public attention for better, fairer working standards, they will be undermined by decades of people writing shit – and it is shit – like the copy found above. I know the PEOPLE who worked on both the Cyclops and Kronos. People in two different countries, 6,000 miles apart, many, many people, creating, modelling, simulating, missing family dinners and evenings at home, people, humans, hard working artists. That they happened to sit at computers generating particles and pixels is irrelevant.

People make VFX.

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