The Magic Show (#3.133)

#3.133 - The Magic Show
#3.133 - back
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Much of the work in the past few years has been fx-driven, so it’s been a while since I’ve worked on a movie centered around a character whose performance is classic character animation. I’d forgotten the pleasures of it, seeing a film come alive as the performance comes together, laughing at some perfectly timed look or bit of physical comedy. It drives home that I’m around people working at the height of their art, the act of illusion coming to life in front of you. What’s better, the chance to see a shot and the thrill of saying – I see what I can add to this, I want to make it work.
I have no idea of the final outcome of this film, no control if it will hang together or whether the audience will like it.
It comes down everyday then, to this; engaging in the moment, the collective magic show.

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