#3.120 – Public Displays of Affection in India

#3.120 - Public Displays of Affection in India
#3.120 - back
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While we were in Bombay recently, we were standing in the entrance garage to our apartment building. Maria went to wrap her arms around me in that kind of intimate hug and contact that is so wonderful to share, especially as husband and wife. Just as she was reaching to me she pulled back. “Sorry,” she said. “I forgot where we were.”
In Hyderabad a friend had lamented being unable to take her son to a particular park because it was “full of nuisance couples.” I tried explaining to friends in the USA just how strict Indian culture is about public displays of affection between couples, a prudish, frustrating attitude when you see how ancient Indian carvings are the most sexually liberated and explicit you could imagine.
Being denied something you realise how much you want it – I looked into Maria’s eyes, longingly.

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