#3.119 – LA’s Unique Spice Blend

#3.119 - LA's Ingredients
#3.119 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

Driving around LA these days I’m remembering the unique mix of people and cultures – the Asian influences from around the Pacific, the Latinos from all over the South American continent, the African Americans, the Polish and Armenian Jews, the Koreans, to name but a few. I miss it.
Not to say London isn’t an incredibly diverse place, but every melting pot has a different mix of ingredients, a different spice blend. I genuinely try not to look back, to miss places in the past, because all I do is rob from happiness in the present moment, from seeing the good in where I am in that instant. Now that I’m here, feeling the sun, seeing old friends, looking at the mountains, I’m going to wallow, just for a moment.

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