#3.74 – Letting It Go

#3.74 - Letting It Go
#3.74 - back
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Gravity’s release in the UK this past weekend means that there is a new wave of excitement over the film, including from crew members who did not see it at an earlier screening.
“Did you see it?” one of my old team-mates asked me. “Did you see the intersections in that shot of Ryan? It’s all I could look at.”
Fixing intersections is one of the troublesome parts of our job. It’s when 2 objects pass through each other that is not ok in real life. In this case, layers of fabric on the spacesuit, white and black high contrast that are very visible. We spent many hours during produciton fixing this and many other problems.
As with all things one is sensitised towards, you see it all over; in your work, in other films. As the person responsible I couldn’t help but feel unhappy – how could I have missed such a thing? It also passed the scrutiny of many others, including the director.
We finished this work over a year ago. There’s nothing I or anyone else can do at this stage. The film is out in the world, intersections and all, and no one is affected by this minor problem in one shot or considers it any less groundbreaking as a result. I will put good money that he (and now I) will be the only people to spot this. At every stage from story, to direction, to VFX there will be mistakes that people spot because time is finite and we are fallible. It is just a movie, after all.
“What can we do? Can we do anything?” asked my friend.
“Let it go,” I replied. “Let it go.”

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