#3.73 – Gravity, Declassified

A year and a half ago, while working on Gravity, I wrote this postcard. For obvious reasons I couldn’t publish it as-is at the time, but I presented it in a redacted form

Now that the film is out in the UK at last, I can declassify this astonishing document. 

Note that it contains (very minor) spoilers. 

#3.73 - Gravity, Declassified
#3.73 - back
sent from: El Barco de Avila, Spain. destination: London, UK

In the mountains of Castilla, Spain, the skies stretch out into infinity. The firmament of sparkling stars stares down at you, the long finger smudge of the Milky Way stretching end-to-end. Occasionally one bright fast moving dot catches your eye; a satellite, perhaps even the ISS.
Last night I looked up and saw two bright sparks, close together. Looking through the telescope I could make out two astronauts in what I think were NASA suits. They must have been lost, they were tethered together. One of them at the front bore a striking resemblance to George Clooney, the other complained about driving or something. All I know is that their spacesuits and tether looked amazing.
I wonder what their story was.
I hope they make it home safe. 

Below is the previously published redacted version.

#3.73 - back

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