#3.26 – Indigo vs Fox

This card was first published on March 12th, 2012. #1.225
One of our most-oft recounted adventures of our beloved Gus.

#225 - Indigo vs Fox
#225 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Madrid, Spain

Los humanos me llaman Indigo. A veces solo Gus. He viajado desde los jardines de Hawaii por la hierba alta de California hasta jubilarme en las afueras de Londres. Tantas horas pasadas mirando por la ventana al jardin ¿Que mas esperas de un explorador antiguo como yo, si dejas la puerta abierta? La herida de guerra me duele a veces, pero me sienta bien hacer el ejecicio. Escondido en el jardin, me acuerdo de las luchas famosas, contra todo tipo de animal. Casi no me doy cuenta que hay un animal de verdad detras ~ un zorro, tio grande, pelirrojo como un vikingo, nariz largo e agudo. Es por lo menos dos o tres veces mas grande, su cara me domina. Atrevete, le digo. Es joven pero no es tonto, se da la vuelta y se marcha. Bien hecho, tanto para mi que para el; estoy seguro de todo modos que le pudiera haber vencido. A lo mejor. No he de explorar mas, ya es suficiente.  Indigo (a traves de Juan-Luis)

The only thing worse than my Spanish is the English translate of the above from google. My favourite translation – “explorador” = “browser”. How much did Microsoft pay you for that?

Humans call me Indigo. Sometimes you just Gus. I traveled from the gardens of Hawaii through the tall grass of California to retire on the outskirts of London. So many hours spent looking out the window to the garden What else would expect from an older browser like me, if you leave the door open? The war wound hurts sometimes, but I feel wellmake an exercise. Tucked away in the garden, I remember the famousstruggle against every kind of animal. I almost did not realize that there is a real animal behind ~ a fox, man big, red as a Viking, long and sharpnose. It is at least two or three times larger, his face dominates me. Dare I say. He is young but not stupid, he turns and walks away. Well done, both to me that for I am sure all modes that may have expired. Maybe. I have to explore more, enough is enough. Indigo (via Juan-Luis)

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