#3.27 – The Rain Comes, And Goes

This card was first published on April 18th, 2013. #2.186 
An every-day domestic memory of Indigo. 
#2.186 - The Rain Comes
#2.186 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Grodno, Belarus

Like many recent days, we spent today indoors, working. The Green outside our window is just that, vibrant, saturated. The clouds were complex, fast moving cumulus, rolling with greys and whites. The sun came out in bursts and Indigo chased it around the house.
Later in the afternoon there was a moment of darkness, and a sheet of hail descended, rattling on the windows like a million ping pong balls. Just as quickly, the sky lightened, bringing more sun, bright reflections in the puddles, and a rainbow.

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