#3.21 – Bringing Him With Me Wherever I Go

#3.21 - Bringing Him With Me Wherever I Go

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sent from: London, UK

There’s nothing like a lot of youTube clips of happy disabled cats being nursed by their owners to give you the impression that it is merely a new normal, one that requires only a little adjustment.
We came home to a seemingly happy, ‘normal’ cat yesterday. We tried vainly to express his bladder, putting our failure down to inexperience. Still, we were worried enough to call the vet this morning, who urged us to come in quickly. I was already at work when Maria called. We have some tough decisions to make.

I cycled through Richmond Park this morning. The deer were gathered in a large herd as the morning mist was lifting. I waved hi to them and said Indigo also said hi. I really did. It’s my way of bringing him with me wherever I go.

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