#3.20 – A Plea for Compassion and Wisdom

#3.20 - A Plea for Compassion and Wisdom
#3.20 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Lahaina, Hawaii, USA

X-Rays seem impossible to interpret unless you know what should or shouldn’t be there to begin with. The vet traced over a couple of Indigo’s vertebrae, saying that the arthritis had bridged and fused part of them together, and this was most likely the cause of his hind-leg paralysis. It was the only thing she could find, and other than this he seemed ok. She seemed heartened that we weren’t ready to call it a day and were willing to explore ideas and take on the care that he would need. A cart or sling of some kind is a definite possibility, to allow him some freedom of movement around the house while we are home. Unhappy with all the handling yesterday and last night, he’s retreated behind the tv cabinet.
It’s impossible to know when he will say enough is enough; I hope we have the compassion and wisdom to know when that will be.

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