#2.215 – Crossing The Gap (Chapter 3)

Crossing The Gap: Chapter Three. 
(read Chapters One and Two)
#2.215 - Crossing The Gap (Chapter 3)
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“Do you think they’re from the council?” asked Helen.

“I don’t know,” replied Mavis, regarding the group of well-dressed young men and one slightly older man standing near the edge of The Gap, or where the Gap would be were it to open. Curiously, no-one had ever fallen in if it had opened right where they were – people reported finding themselves displaced several metres upon opening. After that, however, all bets were off.
As the small collection of elderly women and a scattering of men, some holding signs and led by Mavis, crossed the street, Jeremiah greeted them with a warm smile.
“Hi there! Are you here for the Great Awakening?”
“He’s not from the council, Helen,” said Mavis. “It’s worse. He’s from America.”
Unfazed, Jeremiah launched into his story, telling everyone how he and The Chosen had come to be there.
Helen spoke up for their side. “Well, we’re here to bring some attention to -“.
She didn’t get to finish her sentence as The Gap opened, displacing most of the Rotary club to one side and Jeremiah and his group to the other. Only Mavis stood apart from her club, finding herself disconcertingly amongst a crowd of tall young men, who were rapidly taking out their phones to record what they were seeing, and exclaiming loudly as they did so. Jeremiah held a beatific look as he gazed into the dark glittering tear in space about ten feet across, his lips moving.
Mavis, having pushed her way through the men and mumbling to herself, reached into her handbag and with drew a small box, fashioned from an old tin of mints. Inside it was an intricate mechanism, a knitted bundle of ingenuity, which Mavis dropped into the maw.
“Let’s close this thing once and for all,” she declared to no-one.

“NO!” shouted Jeremiah, realising a heartbeat too late what she intended to do, reaching to catch the device before it could do its work.
But the device vanished, and Jeremiah with it. 


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