#2.214 – Crossing The Gap (Chapter 2)

Crossing The Gap: Chapter Two. 

#2.214 - Crossing The Gap (Chapter 2)
#2.214 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: London, UK

The first challenge for Jeremiah and his Chosen was to find their way from Heathrow to the outer London suburb where The Gap was said to exist and, if he was reading the signs properly, would open soon with The Second Coming. Although it was barely five miles away, there seemed to be no easy route.
They tried for the Heathrow Express, but Jeremiah balked when he realised this one journey alone would cost the entire food budget, and they’d still have to catch another train out of London afterwards.
Michael, the eager acolyte who had been reading the Rough Guide to London said they should all get Oyster cards and Tad, the Chosen whose dad was paying all the data roaming charges on his phone, had access to Google maps and said they should get to Hatton Cross and then ride the 555 to their destination.
Michael went to buy the Oyster Cards, nearly derailing the whole process by refusing to drop the cod English accent he’d adopted from the moment the plane landed, saying “listen old chap, I’ve always been more in touch with my English roots I say, what.”
Oyster cards acquired they marched, like a boy band with too many members, over to the bus stop, where they stood with the airport cargo handlers and locals, while Justin complained that they should’ve caught a cab all along, that Tad’s dad would’ve paid for it anyway.
Jeremiah boarded the bus first, ascended to the upper deck and positioned himself at the front seat. He could see exactly where they were going, and just as he used to as a child sitting at the front of the school bus, he took hold of an imaginary wheel, and steered them towards their destination.

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