#2.134 – Postcard Battle #1

In honour of this being the 500th postcard that I’ve sent out, I wanted to make this a special one – the first postcard battle! 

It started with this card sent to us by Evan from San Francisco:
#2.134.r - Postcardbattle Challenge

#2.134.r - back

We figured out that the sign (although cleverly modified) belongs to Chicago’s Transit System. Thank you Google.
My family is from Illinois, and we went to Chicago as children. On my living room wall is a family photo from one of those visits, which I describe in my response:
#2.134 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: San Francisco, California, USA
We’re on the shores of Lake Michigan. My sisters, my brother, my uncle, and me. There’s a bag of groceries on the ground, a large white planter, and my uncle, doing his best impersonation of Art Garfunkel with a mustache, is holding a brown cardboard box. I don’t know where we are going or coming from. My brother’s yellow shirt is neatly tucked into his brown cords. I would, too, if I were wearing trousers. My bare legs shine bright in the summer sun. I am sitting in a push chair, looking away from my mum, who I presume is taking the photo. Me in my pushchair, I’m too cool for this family-photo taking – me in my red shirt and blue cardigan and no-trousers, I’m above all this. My eyes are off looking North to places unseen and unknown. Or ducks. I was probably just looking at the ducks.

My challenge in response to Evan and to you the readers is the following:
#2.134 - Postcard Battle!
#2.134 - Postcard Battle!

You must go to where this is used [picture of California State Park Permit], and send a story of/from/about that place, along with evidence (of your choosing) that you went there.

Here’s how you can take part in this battle:
  • Complete the above challenge (I will accept another State’s Park for those not in California)
  • Send me a postcard with your story and proof that you went – email me at juanluis [at] juanluis [dot] com for my address
  • Include on that postcard a challenge for me to fulfill.

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