#2.133 – Shouldn’t He Have A Lightsabre?

#2.133 - Isn't He Supposed To Have A Lightsaber?
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sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: London, UK

I’ve already talked about how I was, for a brief shining moment, Count Dooku in Episode II [parts I and II]. I think we shot the scene before a break – Thanksgiving or Christmas. After the break, I got a phone call – we need you back for more shots. I strutted over to the stage. I do think the Sith would revoke my Dark Lord card but I felt like bloody John Travolta boogieing onto the dance floor.
The costume I had [previously] was sent to London for re-shoots – now I had to wear the stuntman’s outfit. I wont lie – he was a lot thinner than Christopher Lee and I had to suck in my gut to squeeze in. They also had to fashion the hairpiece together and it wasn’t the regular wardrobe and make-up person – this person was not impressed with my fan-boyishness and put something on my head that looked like a demented stork’s nest. They’d also send his lightsabre to London, and even though there was a regular lightsabre – all it needs to do is glint on his belt, I argued, the following shot you see it clearly you can’t have nothing there! She was stony faced – “talent” doesn’t argue about lightsabre continuity.
I did my best – one of the shots is the overhead one in the hanger [see below], just before the fight with Anakin and Obi-Wan, but truth was I looked nothing like Lee, unlike last time. By the time the shot was in dailies, they had a digital head replacement to disguise the stunt man, so they replace my head as well. “Shouldn’t he have a lightsabre?” I gently inquired.
The supervisor sighed. “Dammit.”

Below you can see a still from the shot in question. If you look at it close up you can see the digital head and added lightsabre.

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