#2.108 – Husband Of The Year 2012

#2.108 - Husband Of The Year 2012
#2.108 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: San Francisco, California, USA
My entry for “husband of the year 2012”
Maria: “Look at these sketches.”
Me: “I like ’em. That one looks like a turd.”
Maria: “It’s a snail.”
Me: “Yeah I know. It looks like a hotdog with a turd on it.”
Maria: “…”

One thought on “#2.108 – Husband Of The Year 2012

  1. I got the card in the mail today!I kind of really want to see that snail now…

    My interpretation of the card:

    It looks to me that the card got slightly ripped in transit; and there is a triangular scratch down the middle which I can see wasn't in the original. I blame the /US/ postal system. My interpretation plays heavily on the scratch, as to me, it looks like a sort of giant christmas tree, built of aluminum and bright twirling neon lights.

    The small-town folk (probably from Kansas, judging by the tornado and flat land) assume the tree has been sent to them by god, and is a sign that they have been judged worthy to transcend from Earth to heaven during the coming apocalypse (because the apocalypse is always *soon*). Leaving their worldly possessions behind, the townsfolk joyously gather in a nearby field and make their way, en masse, wearing their finest holiday sweaters, towards the tree-of-light.

    As they walk towards the tree for hours, they get the feeling that they aren't getting any closer, as the tree never seems to change size. It does not get larger as they approach. The reason, they quickly learn, is that the “tree” is actually a sort of rainbow created by a dense high-preasure cloud system moving in. Along with rainbows resembling christmas trees, these types of barometric events tend to also cause devastating hurricanes… which is exactly what happened next.

    The scene in the card takes place just as the mirage-christmas-tree was vanishing and the twister touched down. The townsfolk all began to hunker down in the field, far away from any shelter, and await their end…

    The moral of the story? Never, ever, wear christmas sweaters.

    Here's the card as I have it: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63064/Juan-card-tornado.jpg

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