#2.109 – A Sense of The End of The Year

#2.109 - The Death of The Year
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I once knew a girl who would balk at any depiction of skulls, in paintings, books, etc. Why? I asked her. “I don’t like anything that makes me think about death,” she said.
I scoffed at her. “Nothing scary about death, I know what death’s about, I think about it all the time.” I said as only a young man with no idea what he’s talking about can say.
Death isn’t really any closer but as I enter early middle-age (almost wrote ‘Middle-Earth’) stories about mortality and people reflecting on the life they’ve led as they reach the end of it seem to strike a little deeper, grip my heart and bring a shadow of fear into my peripheral vision. That’s the effect the wonderful book by Julian Barnes, “A Sense of An Ending” is having on me.
I’m not trying to finish the year on a downer – it’s been a great year and there’s nothing but good stuff ahead.

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