#2.101 – Roads Not Taken

#2.101 - Roads Not Taken
#2.101 - back
sent from: Hightstown, New Jersey, USA. destination: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Today, in “the road not taken” category; had I remained at ILM instead of leaving in 2006, I would be approximately $[a lot] more cash rich today. However, had I stayed, I likely would not have met Maria, so on that score I would have to say it’s a win for me. No contest.

One thought on “#2.101 – Roads Not Taken

  1. I love this. I feel just the same way… if I hadn't moved to India I might still be working and have a career, but I wouldn't have Gagan. No contest! Perhaps there are universes out there where I'm still working in LA, but I'm bloody glad I'm in this one. 🙂

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