#2.100 – This Happened in 2012

This photo was taken at the Met Cloisters in Washington Heights, New York.

#2.100 - This Happened in 2012
#2.100 - back
sent from: New York, NY, USA. destination: Wellington, NZ

Here’s an unreliable account of things that happened in 2012:

We started the year in India.
I worked my ass off on “Gravity”.
We cycled 100 miles.
We visited Iceland, Spain, Paris. Oh, and India again.
We saw Women’s Olympic Handball, and lots of cycling.
We didn’t see the Queen.
I wrote about VFX and got people talking.
I gained a bunch of weight.
Indigo slept.
I missed lots of trains home.
I sketched a bunch.
We spent several weeks visiting the USA.
A bunch of my friends lost people dear to them.
People were born in the world.
Everyone I know had to make tough decisions.
Maria was made redundant. Not her, but her job. Whatever.
I started tweeting.
We created Cosas Industries.
Marion Cotillard had my baby.
Indigo woke up.

ps. Just kidding on the Marion Cotillard thing.

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