#2.16 – Creature Effects Top Five Fixable Problems

One of the exciting things about VFX is that you’re always trying to put something new on the screen. The not-so-exciting thing is that you’re often re-solving the same problem over and over again in doing so, which at some point gets annoying. It struck me that there were a few issues that were solved years ago, and yet every project we need to wriggle our way around and take up valuable meeting time discussing how we’re going to tackle them this time.

This card went to an old friend from ILM, now at Pixar, who works on these tools. He says things haven’t improved much there, either.

#2.16 - Creature Effects Top Five Fixable Problems
#2.16 - back
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Five Visual Effects, Creature Effects Specific Problems That Should Have Been Solved By Now (That Very Few People In The World Care About).

1. Bad Motionblur on the first and last frames of a shot. Let’s not ever have to fix this again, ever.
2. Collisions pinching clothes between colliders and exploding. This problem was solved a decade ago, I know. Enough, already.
3. Easy, fast, reliable sculpt-fix tools for post-sim correctives. Now!
4. Easy pre-roll tools – I don’t want to re-spec this thing out every 18 months.
5. Dynamic tailoring. This last one is getting there, with tools like Marvelous Designer, but it still has a ways to go.

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