#2.15 – Losing Perspective

Maria’s reaction to this card was ‘this reads like a suicide note’. She meant it in terms of the strength of the impact it had on her, and that blew me away. I was struggling to write something coherent that wasn’t only a stream of unhappiness and invective that definitely would have been career suicide, but with an eye to the near future, after this project concludes, and our lives resume once more.

#2.15 - Honesty?
#2.15 - back
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 I didn’t know what I would write about when I started these postcards. I didn’t know I would write so much about VFX. Sometimes, mostly, I hear that people enjoy my honesty, voicing stories and experiences that they dare not share. Other times it’s been suggested that my honesty might get me into trouble. I stand by what I’ve written. What I’ve always wanted to avoid is using the postcards to seek revenge on anyone, or take out petty frustrations.
Today, however, I’m finding it hard to keep perspective. The late nights stretching on without end. The unreasonable expectations. The team who labours on long after I’ve left. The bad planning. The seeming lack of caring. It makes it difficult to stand back and see the big picture, to put it in a different context. Everyone’s fundamental desire to do the best work possible is being exploited, to the point where you leave people exhausted, disillusioned, spent. And then you push them further still.
We can be better than this, I have to believe.
I don’t know if I’ll be around to see it.

2 thoughts on “#2.15 – Losing Perspective

  1. Thinking of you lots and lots. You've had a run of really tough projects – I really hope the future is a little brighter. One step at a time…


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