#328 – So that’s how it goes at a Hindu wedding

#328 - So That's How It Goes At A Hindu Wedding
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Went to a wedding today, our first since our own last year. It was odd not to be the centre of attention, that what Maria said. There were interesting parallels; Indian girl, white guy, a venue not dissimilar from ours. They went full Hindu with the ceremony, so at that point everything diverged. They went thru the ceremony step by step, and the priest made a point of asking for quiet and explained what was happening, which was great. When you go to a ceremony in India most people are half watching, half catching up with their neighbours, looking for the buffet, discussing fashion faux-pas, and when you do glimpse the ceremony, it’s through the phalanx of photographers and videographers obscuring the action. Not this one. CONGRATS to them!

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  1. The wedding was great – love that E & I had the other perspective that day – thinking… wonder how this will work out for us…

    The card has come home 🙂

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