#327 – Podcasts

How could I forget Big Pop Fun with Tom Wilson (aka Biff from Back To The Future)?
#327 - Podcasts
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I’ve been an avid podcast listener for about six years now, at first to bring the BBC to my ears across the ocean. Now I take a bit of California to the ‘rainy spells’ of the UK.
Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of writers, actors, comedians and performers talk in the shows from the ‘Nerdist Channel‘ – Writer’s Panel w/ Ben Blacker, Making It w/ Riki Lindhome, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, and the Nerdist Podcast itself. I used to habour the notion of pursuing acting in some form ~ listening to these has disabused me of any notion that it’s an easy thing to do, or that you might just ‘drop into it’. It takes 10 years to become an overnight succes, I think that’s a popular line. I’ve been inspired to hassle all my friends, who have put aside their creative goals, to go and do what they should be doing, not this silly VFX thing!

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