#270 – Streams Running Down The Mountains

#270 - Berrueco Sketch
#270 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: El Tejado de Bejar, Salamanca, Spain

As the week has worn on I’ve been less verbal and only able to scribble on the late night trains coming home from work. I didn’t know what to draw, but I started with the outline of the mountains near our home in Spain. It’s a silhouette that dominates the skyline, one I never tire of photographing, and even made it onto our wedding invitations. I started with that, and then began to fill in the details, the rocks, the plants and the streams that must still be flowing down from the mountains. I have a story about them for another postcard. I used a pencil to shade, but the scan has trouble picking up the details in the shading, the image has a lot more ‘pop’ when you see it for real.

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