#269 – Memory Indexing

#269 - Memory Indexing
#269 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: London, UK

I have a terrible memory. Let me clarify; things, dates, what I ate for dinner, people I went to school with, people I’ve worked with, people who used to be friends, stuff I learned in school, stuff I did at my last job, it’s all a blur. Star Trek episodes, Star Wars characters, mythology, secondary characters in minor ‘Buffy’ roles, Jerry Goldsmith film scores, for that my memory is crystal clear. Maria can remember everything – it’s why I married her. She says it’s not the memories that I lack, just the indexing is a little off – a simple reminder brings it back.
It was almost midnight and I went into the underground; I saw someone and was drawn to them. Wait, do I know them? The woman looked at me as we got on the train and I thought I saw some similar recognition on her face. We boarded on different coaches and now I’ve been searching searching my memory. She’s in her late 20s, of Asian descent (Chinese?) and I think she’s from New Zealand. But what is her name, and how do I know her? I feel like I know her through someone else – a boyfriend? Is she from work? LA? London? A coffee shop I go to? I feel as though she is technical but just can’t figure out how/where/when. Oh blurry, blurry memory, how you let me down.

I remembered later, she was a work colleague from my current job who was on the same floor for a couple of weeks last year, but then they moved her elsewhere and I haven’t seen her since. 

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