#235 – You Know What You Should’ve Done?

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#235 - What you should have done
#235 - back
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Another late night at work, its been a tough couple of weeks. A good crew with a sense of humour are fundamental. When you get on well with the people to your left and right it makes all the difference; so, when you find yourself at odds with them, the frustration goes both ways. I’ve been trying to protect my crew from any further demands, knowing that there’s a limit to what people can give, and the tools take the time they take, and yet here’s the deadline. There are immovable pieces here, and we achieve goals through the pure human effort. Maybe I should’ve known, but I didn’t want to be in this position, wrangling all the moving parts as the model is still being worked on. Sad to say I haven’t been on a project that hasn’t been like this for years, and if I leave VFX this will be one of the main reasons. A million decisions I did not have brought us to this place, and it is my nature to see only the bad decisions I did or good decisions I did not take.
I reserve my deepest frustrations for the doubtless well-meaning people who sit at my desk and say – “hey, you know what you should’ve done…
Oh, yes please enlighten me with your utterly useless wisdom.

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