#234 – Brain For Your Food

#234 - Brain for your Food

#234 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: San Francisco, California, USA
A friend was telling me about a zombie story (novel?) that is the stereotypical zombie story (survival, isolation etc) but from the zombies point of view. That led me and Maria to imagine a number of titles of movies or books that might appeal to a zombie audience:
– My Left Foot
– I Left My Heart In San Francisco
– The Man With No Brain
– We Have To Gnaw On Kevin
– The Lady Killers
– Eating In The Rain
– A Tasty Mind
– For Your Eyes Only
– Falling Down
– Snow White Ate The Seven Dwarfs
– Loose Limbs
– Step Up 2 The Streets
– Step up 3D
Don’t ask about the last two – zombies have bad taste in movies like the rest of us.

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