#192 – Vision Of The Future

A fantastic card, one of several, sent to me from friends in New Zealand, a contribution to the postcardwala missive project. One of them works at Weta Digital, the studio responsible for the incredible visual effects in Avatar, Lord of the Rings and Tintin. Thank you!

#192 - Vision Of The Future
#192 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

A vision of the Future that is not my own:

“I’m sub-executive assistant vice-associate.”
“Brilliant! You’re a shoo-in for the second co-associate sub-chief position.”
“No” [meaning yes]
“Oh yeah, mate, sounds good, good on you.”
“Yah, it’s very exciting. If I play my cards right for the next four or five years, I’ll be laughing.” 

~overheard on the train

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