#191 – Join The Territorial Army

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#191 - Join The Territorial Army Today!
sent from: London, UK. destination: Hollywood, California, USA

The cover of this card was made from a leaflet that a nice young soldier gave me on my walk to work – I didn’t expect to walk so it was an additional surprise when, to cross a bridge, several soldiers formed a phalanx of the handing-out-leaflets brigade and you pretty much had to take one to get past [passed?]. I might be accepted if they don’t look too closely at my collage-making skills but I was trying to preserve two things in the too-small space; the photo of the chummy soldiers in the desert, and the information including the “17 1/2” – so specific, like asking a child how old they are, and they say – “I’m TEN AND SEVEN-EIGHTHS!” Plus, I wonder if there’s any significance to both 17 and 43 being both prime numbers? The recipient of this card is considering a change of job – how ’bout it? You’re 17 AND A HALF, older even, plus London is a fun place to be. Well, if they don’t send you to the desert, that is.

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