#152 – White Man’s Guilt

#152 - White Man's Guilt
#152 - back
sent from: Bombay, India. destination: Venice, California, USA

      I always have a moment, when feeling that things aren’t the way I want them, whether it’s a hotel room, or a dish at a restaurant, and I’m trying to articulate why I am dissatisfied and what course of action to take, I have a feeling of something I call “white man’s guilt”. Today people refer to this as #firstworldproblems. 
      Billions of people live without reliable access to clean water, a doctor, food, yet here I am complaining that I ordered salad not fries, or that the sink in the room has a leak, or the pillows aren’t comfortable enough. I torture myself trying to re-examine my assumptions and justify my position. If there’s a case against my argument, I’ve already made it to myself a hundred times over and more. 
       Nevertheless, there are times where a series of reasonable and understandable decisions take you to a place where you never intended to be, you don’t want to be, and you have the means and ability to change or extract yourself from a situation. 
       This is what happened months ago when I walked out of a job the morning of my first day, and just yesterday in Kerela. 
       Back to Bombay!

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  1. What an awesome life you must have with all the places you have traveled and all the experiences you have witnessed. You are truly blessed, Juan-Luis!
    Praying for safe travel for you always.
    Shirl Taylor-Pierce

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