#151 – A Straight Road With Many Curves

#151 - A Straight Road With Many Curves
#151 - back
sent from: Bombay, India. destination: London, UK

     A MILLISECOND: time between traffic lights turning green and a Bombay cab drive leaning on the car horn to get the guy/bus/handcart/cow in front of him moving. 
     A STRAIGHT ROAD WITH MANY CURVES: this is how one of the main fly-over roads was described [the JJ flyover]. It crosses Bombay neighbourhoods linking Central and South Bombay, one entrance, one exit (hence, straight). Along the way it meanders around buildings, charting a windy, hair-raising course (hence, with many curves). So much of Bombay is like this – the path from A to B, whether it’s geographical, cultural, technical, it’s straight, it’s there, it’s possible. It has however, many, many curves. Keep your wits about you. You may fly off.

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