#122 – In The Bowels Of The Tube

#122 - In The Bowels Of The Tube
#122 - back
sent from: Cleveland Street, London, UK. destination: Venice, California, USA

This morning we sat inside the Tube train. After discharging the passengers at Embankment the doors closed, and then opened.. and closed.. and opened.. and closed.. and opened, and so on five or six more times. The man sitting opposite us, engrossed in his phone, would snap around in annoyance every time the doors opened in a way that implied he was surprised that something that had happened 7 or 8 times before would [not – delete] happen again. It became a rhythm – close, open, head snap and frown, then back to phone, close, open, head snap and frown, then back to phone. It became a kind of dance. In the end the driver gave up and declared the train broken.

As I re-read this card a few times, the sentence about the guy being surprised and annoyed at the doors opened and closed constantly just didn’t read properly, and I squeezed in the not in there. It should not be there.

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