I Know What’s Under Yoda’s Pants (#3.126)

#3.126 - I Know What's Under Yoda's Pants
#3.126 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Wandsworth, London, UK

What a year already for Postcardwala! 
A last minute trip to Los Angeles and an exciting (and surprising, given the competition) VES win. A few weeks later, an article in a local Spanish newspaper kicked off a flurry of interest. The local boy makes good story was picked up more widely, leading to an interview on national radio on one of the “morning zoo” shows.
The popular industry fxguide podcast chatted to me about digital costumes design, part of a growing change in how, as fx artists, we approach the wardrobe of our digital creations. My only regret in the interview, in response to Mike’s first question about how I introduce myself, I should have said “I’m the guy who knows what’s underneath Yoda’s pants.”

photo thanks to Jeff Heusser

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