#3.124 – And The Winner Is…

#3.124 - And The Winner Is...
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sent from: London, UK. destination: Montreal, Canada

The VES Awards on February 12th had already started off well for Gravity. Two awards down, no losses. “We’re just here to get drunk and watch you guys go on stage,” my friends told me, nominated for other incredible VFX work they had done. Just one category to go (FX + Simulation in a Feature Animation), then us (FX + Simulation in a Live-Action Movie). The presenter, a tv actor called Michael Ealy came out, did his little speech.
“The nominees in the Feature Animation category are…” he said, looking to the video screen. What played was NOT clips from the Feature Animated pics nominated – “Epic”, “Cloudy w/ Meatballs 2”, “Frozen”, “The Croods”, but from OUR category, Live-Action. Were we about to be announced? Disappointed? We shuffled nervously.
“Gravity”, “Man of Steel”, “Pacific Rim”, “The Hobbit”, the audio intoned.
Video over, attention returned to the presenter. He opened the envelope.
“And the winner is… FROZEN!!”

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