#1.49 – He Was Long Gone

First published on September 18th, 2011

sent from: Mortimer Street, London, UK. destination: Wandsworth, London, UK

He ran, not sure where he was going. He took the path across the common, scaring the ducks resting in the reeds that fringed the pond. The air was cool and he felt purposeful. He wondered if the people in the passing knews what was happening, that for this man at least, everything had changed, the routine was broken. He found himself in front of his flat, he went in. His dog greeted him enthusiastically, not having expected to see him again so soon. She was napping on the sofa, and greeted him with a tone of sheepishness, she knew she wasn’t allowed there normally. Her name was Dog. He liked calling her to him in the park – ‘here, Dog!’. He gathered up some supplies, some food for Dog, put them in his briefcase, took a look around the flat, wondering when he might see it again. Taking Dog by the lead he walked out, set the alarm and set off running again. As he left, his phone inside the flat started ringing, until the machine picked it up – “Hello? Are you there? We.. oh.. were wondering if everything was ok. We need to get that file sent out today..” there was some rustling and hesitating. “Uh.. call soon, we don’t have much time.” He was long gone.

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