#1.310 – Bombay Post Office

First published June 5th 2012

#310 - Bombay Post Office
#310 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: London, UK

The local post office in Agripada, Bombay, is what you would expect of a far-flung bureaucratic office – ceiling fans going, dusty shelves of old ledgers and official books. Staff not always engaged in their work, and despite our frequent presence there, the amount needed for stamps abroad seems to change every time. It oscillates between 12-25 Rupees depending on their mood. This time my eye was drawn to the ancient looking ink stamps with well-worn wooden handles. I went to take photos of them, and the woman there proudly told us she was the Postmaster General of the office, showed us how she updated the date daily on the stamps and let us try them out on this card.

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