#3.101 – Kal-El + Green Crystal + Jor-El = SUPERMAN’S REDEMPTION

#3.101 - back
destination: Esher, Surrey, UK

“Listen carefully, my son, for we shall never speak again. If you hear me now then you have made use of the only means left to you: The crystal source through which our communications begun. The circle is now complete. You have made a dreadful mistake, Kal-El. You did this of your own free will in spite of all I could say to dissuade you. Now, you have returned to me for one last chance to redeem yourself. This too finally I have anticipated, my son. Look at me, Kal-El. Once before when you were small, I died while giving you a chance for life. And now, even though it will exhaust the final energy left within me – Look at me, Kal-El. The Kryptonian prophecy will be at once fulfilled. The son becomes the father, the father becomes the son. Farewell forever, Kal-El. Remember me, my son.”
– JOR-EL (from Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut)

If you haven’t seen the Donner cut, I highly recommend it! I had a bunch of reasons. I was going to spell out to stress how awesome this director’s cut is, but instead just ended up with Marlon Brando’s awesome monologue as Jor-El… (to be continued) – MUSTAN

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