#3.80 – Skin To Skin Contact

#3.80 - Skin To Skin Contact
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sent from: Richmond, VA, USA. destination: Esher, Surrey, UK

I recently attended the INLIGHT 2013 Exhibition, an outdoor, after sunset, light-based art show along the canal walk in Richmond, VA. It was a brisk night, crowded with people holding hand-made lanterns hanging from a stick and wearing bracelets of glow sticks. First was a cube made of foil tubes with projection of a girl dancing to upbeat music – inspiring the viewers to do the same. The rest of us enjoyed the shadow show. Another piece used Christmas lights and twist ties to form ladder shapes. Looking up at these lights reminded me of landing strips, fuzzy caterpillars, pulled taffy… It was entertaining to let my mind wander with this simple prompt.
I meandered into one large room which appealed to my inner child – a room full of overhead projectors with colorful transparent sheets and shapes. While other adults took pictures of the children playing, I jumped in to join the fun. My favorite piece of the night demanded interaction and collaboration. Edges lined with water filled basins and a stalagmite looking centerpiece. If the two were bridged through skin to skin contact, light and musical tones were generated. It was totally wicked! – MYD

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