#3.76 – You Think You Might Fly

#3.76 - You Think You Might Fly
#3.76 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: London, UK

Dear Psapp,
Thank you for the excellent show tonight. No one would have ever known that it was your first gig in five years. It felt like a hang out with friends, if your friends came over with fish and chickens and percussionists. I’m not a huge fan of the term “toytronica”, though it was the squeaky toy on Rear Moth that made me tell my friends – “hey! You should listen to this”, almost ten years ago. But I think some people might use the word to make your songs inconsequential, when they’re anything but. Sometimes I don’t know what your songs are about. Even after you tell me I don’t really know.
My cat knew, but he took his secrets with him. I’m glad you’re back.
Love, Juan-Luis
ps. do you know what it’s like to cycle with a large flat-packed poster under your arm on a windy night? You think you might fly!!

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