#3.58 – Day 38 (Land’s End) by Stuart Haygarth

#3.57 - Day 38 (Land's End) by Stuart Haygarth
#3.57 - back
sent from: Unknown. destination: My friend’s shoe, Canning Town Tube Train, London

Constant hard rain and wind. My right boot is letting in water because the seal has broken near the heel so my foot squelches. There are huge crashing waves attracting thrill seeking surfers. Absolutely nobody is walking the South West Coastal path today. On a small beach I found what looked like a decapitated shark with chunks bitten from its torso. I passed the remains of solid stone towers and buildings left from the slate mining days. Collecting was good, probably due to the recent stormy weather.
At Porthcurno I visited the Minack open air theatre founded by the visionary Rowena Cade who created a Greek styled amphitheatre on the slope of the cliff face.

The light was failing as I reached Land’s End and the skies were dramatic and painterly. Land’s End itself was disappointing, on arrival I was confronted with a gigantic car park which was empty apart from two camper vans. In typical vulgar style there was an array of amusement arcades, gift shops and a cinema showing undersea movies. Further along a pub and a charmless modern hotel. I felt melancholy mixed with pleasure of achieving my goal.

After our night of being chased by zombies, we boarded a train at Canning Town. Under my friend’s shoe on the floor of the carriage I spied this postcard, and of course I had to adopt it into postcardwala. I would have sent it to someone had it been formatted in a more post-friendly manner. 

A quick internet search revealed that Stuart Haygarth is an installation artist who, at the time of this card was collecting items for use in a project. 

If you happen across this, hello Stuart. At least one of your cards has been found and re-purposed.

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