#3.56 – The (Not So) Safe City Of London

#3.56 - The (Not So) Safe City of London
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sent from: London, UK. destination: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The streets around the Olympic Park, full of empty sweeps and overpasses, were transformed into the “Safe City of London”, a giant, life-sized game board into which we were plunged with one objective – survive.
The same game that we played 2 years ago in the tunnels of London Bridge was re-staged here. All we knew was that, again, an outbreak of a zombie infection threatened to engulf society, and we needed to find our way to a safe haven. That we would pay to have people scare and chase us is an indication that we haven’t had to run from a predator in our lives. I hope we never will, but something in us enjoys the frisson of excitement as our torches try to pierce the darkness of an unlit bridge and pick out a figure crouching in the corner, pale eyes and blood on its face, ready to grab us at any moment. As before, they did an excellent job of constructing a fictional world, that lay over the real one, and they had the logistics well covered.
Only two criticism; we had to cover a lot of ground in the time, and the linear game structure would be so much better if a branching story-line were somehow incorporated into it.

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