#3.47.1 – Keep In Touch! Don’t Ever Change!

First published on September 8th, 2012 as #2.28
Gravity was wrapping up, as all projects do. People were moving on, reluctantly or otherwise. 
#2.28 - Bereft
#2.28 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Chicago, Illinois, USA

It’s been great, we say. I’ll see you again in a few weeks, after your holidays, we promise. Keep in touch, we ask. Let’s be friends on facebook, send me your email, we grasp at straws. A hug. Bye. End of the week, exhausted. A few key people leave my team and the project today. Friends, comrades. That I still have a month to go is no matter, it feels like the real end to the project, for the first time. Like a theatrical production, or summer camp, we’ve been through thick and thin, late nights, small triumphs and huge struggles, in-jokes I already cannot recall. At some point it always ends. I am bereft.

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