#3.39 – You Will Get Run Over

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sent from: London, UK. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

I take every smile I can exchange with a pedestrian while I’m on my bike [as] a small victory to try and offset the ill-will engendered by the many cyclists who burn through red-lights, pushing aside pedestrians who dare to claim a crossing when it’s their turn. So happened to me tonight as I thanked an elderly couple who made way for me on a narrow road on Upper James St leading to Golden Square. One in the good karma column for me, then.
Two minutes later at the top of Haymarket where crowds of tourists crossing between Picadilly and Leicester Sq insist on entering the the road when the traffic lights turn and I am yelling with all my strength GET OUT OF THE ROAD YOU WILL BE RUN OVER THANK YOU IDIOTS.

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